Alternative Sports Journalist Zhao Zhen @辣笔小球Online fight to fight Jinan police

Alternative Sports Journalist Zhao Zhen @辣笔小球Online fight to fight Jinan police July 25. Recently, two sports reporters scolded on Weibo and intensified. In the early hours of the 23rd, the two parties began an online appointment to meet in Jinan.However, the two never fought, and the Jinan Public Security advised through Weibo and said: “No matter who is involved in the crimes and crimes in Jinan, they will be treated equally and will not be tolerated!According to the latest news, the two confirmed that they had arrived in Jinan and met.  It is understood that Zhao Zhen is a reporter of the “Football” newspaper, and Weibo’s name @辣笔小球 is a reporter of “Sports Weekly”. The two suspected that they had formed Liangzi due to problems predicted during the World Cup, and then launched a scolding battle on Weibo.Since Zhao Zhen has millions of fans, @辣笔小球 also has 340,000 fans, so this battle has caused many netizens to watch.As the fierce war gradually escalated, the two began to make appointments on Weibo. Since the two were in Shenyang and Nanjing, for fairness, they met in the middle of Jinan to “decide the battle.”  In the early morning of the 23rd, Zhao Zhen booked a flight ticket from Shenyang to Jinan, and showed the order number and flight number through Weibo, and @辣笔小球 was not outrageous, responding that he arrived by high-speed rail before 6 o’clock.  At 9 o’clock last night, the reporter learned that the two had indeed arrived in Jinan and met.Jinan Police is also handling the matter.